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let's talk like humans, again

Right Person, Right Time. These are our guiding principles, and we are on a journey to build a fantastic communication tool that helps create more meaningful, longer-lasting relationships through the power of conversation.


Say hello to the team.


"wanna coffee?"

James McCarthy

James McCarthy
Co-Founder, Jack of All Trades


Gary Liu

Gary Liu
Co-Founder, Design


Max Annear-Henderson

Max Annear-Henderson
Co-Founder, Technology

"hello world!"

Jessica Wang

Jessica Wang


Zhenfang Zhang

Zhen Fang Zhang


Tim Lucas

Tim Lucas


Johnny MacAvoy

Johnny MacAvoy
Chief of Sales

"what's going on?"

Todd Nine

Todd Nine

"ship it"

Evan Cummack

Evan Cummack

current open position:

Sales Manager 🕵 (Auckland, NZ)

why you should join cradle:

iOS and Android
Work with a super talented and dedicated group of people who are (severely) addicted to coffee
Do Challenging Work
Do challenging work that has the potential to improve the lives of many 
Competitive Salary
Feel rewarded with a competitive salary and meaningful employee stock options
Free Coffee
Indulge in unlimited cups of 3 Beans / Atomic coffee made with our Rocket Espresso machine!
Stay Healthy
Stay healthy and energised with our monthly contribution to your hobby of choice
Design your own workstation because building amazing products deserves the very best tools
Pet Friendly
Bring your dog (or cat?) to work, any day of the week
Happy Hour
Join us on our happy hours, team lunches, and outings (we love a good G&T)
Easy Commute
Walk to work (if you live near Victoria Park) or take the bus (most stop in front of the office)
Refer Cradle

Know anyone?

As a thank you for your referral, we will donate $250 to your favourite charity after they've used Cradle for two months.
(referred org has at least 5 users)

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